Resources for Homeless Families

Housing and Homeless Assistance - US Dept. of Housing & Urban Development:

Domestic Violence Hotline:


Human Traficking Resource Center:


Locate the nearest Community Health Center:

Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) - cash benefits and SNAP (food stamps):

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Emergency Housing Assistance Info

1. Emergency Assistance family shelters and HomeBASE rental assistance


HomeBASE is an alternative to shelter for families who are eligible for Emergency Assistance shelter. HomeBASE recipients can receive first/last month's rent and security deposit, and/or a monthly stipend for up to a year to help pay for rent and utilities. Maximum total assistance is capped at $10,000 for a 12-month period. Some families receive HomeBASE benefits to avoid entering a homeless shelter. Other families receive HomeBASE benefits to help them leave shelter and move into stable housing.


  • For homeless families with children under the age of 21 and/or pregnant women whose income is no higher than 115% of the federal poverty guidelines

  • To see if you qualify for family shelter or HomeBASE, click this link, then use the links on the left side of the page

  • For a list of locations where you can apply for family shelter or HomeBASE, click here, then scroll down and click on "In person", or call 866-584-0653

  • To see how much income meets the 115% of poverty standard, click here

2. RAFT (Residential Assistance to Families in Transition) and other types of assistance for families in a housing crisis

  • RAFT is for families with a household income up to 50% of Area Median Income who are homeless and moving into subsidized or private housing, or who are at risk of becoming homeless due to a significant reduction of income or increased expenses.

  • Eligible families may receive up to $4,000 from RAFT in a 12-month period to pay for expenses to avoid homelessness or rapidly exit homelessness.

  • To access RAFT benefits or other assistance, start by visiting this link

  • Scroll down to find the agency nearest you

  • You will be sent to a website for an agency that administers housing assistance; call the number on that website, or click on 'contact'




  • Visit

  • Scroll down, and click on the part of the map where you are located, or select the city/town where you are located from the pull-down menu

  • You will be sent to a website for the regional agency that administers housing assistance; call the number on that website, or click on 'contact'

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