Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

One Family is committed to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within and beyond our organization. This is an ever-evolving part of our work and mission, one that we know will require continual discussion, learning, and iteration to ensure One Family stands as a truly anti-racist organization.


Scroll down to read a statement on One Family's current Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts. 


Statement on One Family's DEI Efforts

Issued November 2020

Dear supporters, 

For the past twenty years, One Family has made it our mission to serve and support diverse and underrepresented families in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Through our programs, we help families who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness to increase their income and achieve long-term economic and housing stability. The history of racism and police brutality across the country, which has been brought to the forefront with the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless others, has only strengthened our resolve and reinforced the gravity and urgency of our work.  
We recognize that racism exists at all levels in American society as well as within many organizations. The systemic racism and structural inequality that exist in our country deeply impact the families we serve, our employees, and community members across the Commonwealth. One Family commits itself to being an anti-racist organization that fosters the personal development and growth of its staff as anti-racists. We believe our work can play a role in dismantling the systemic racism and oppression that are prevalent in education, employment, and housing. We see these problems, and we know that BLACK LIVES MATTER.
However, we also know that there are many areas where One Family has fallen short and where we can improve moving forward. During the past few months we have had many conversations about our work and areas where we can address structural inequalities in our own organization. Through that process we have identified steps that we are committed to taking, including:  

  • Applying an equity lens to assess One Family’s culture, governance, operations, public policy work, and direct-service programs so that we can identify key areas for improvement;

  • Continuing our commitment to staff diversity and building a team that is reflective of the families we serve, with specific attention paid to recruitment and promotion into our senior leadership positions, as well as our Board of Directors;

  • Continuing to provide opportunities for our staff and the families we serve to inform and guide our work, as well as placing their stories, experiences, and perspectives at the forefront of our work; and,

  • Adjusting our vendor portfolio to prioritize women- and minority-owned businesses.

We acknowledge that families who are striving for greater educational attainment and career opportunities are breaking intergenerational cycles of poverty and advancing racial and economic justice by virtue of their individual efforts. The families we serve are at the very heart of One Family’s work and are an inspiration to us. We are committed to supporting them on their journeys so they can make tangible progress toward economic independence and create a brighter, and more just, future for themselves and their children. 
One Family’s vision is of a Commonwealth where all families have secure housing, access to education leading to employment, and the ability to build assets to create a brighter future. Massachusetts, and America at large, cannot achieve this vision without effectively fighting racism and inequality, and One Family is committed to taking up that fight as part of a broad movement for justice and equity. We are proud to stand with the many people and organizations already engaged in this important anti-racism work, and we invite the rest of our community to walk with us now. 



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