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Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program

Some local Housing Authorities and regional housing assistance agencies provide households who have a Section 8 voucher (and in some cases residents of public housing) with the opportunity to participate in FSS. Under FSS, as your household’s earned income increases, the resulting increase in your share of the rent will get deposited in an "escrow" account. When you finish the FSS program, you can use the money in the escrow account for any purpose - examples include purchasing a home, paying down debt, enrolling in job training/education, starting or growing a small business, and purchasing or repairing a car. In some cases, you can use the funds towards your own career or education goals even before finishing FSS.

To find out if FSS is an option for you, contact the local Housing Authority or agency that administers your Section 8 voucher, or the local Housing Authority that operates your public housing.



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