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Get Help With Housing

Get Help With Housing

If you need protection from eviction:

  • Apply for rental assistance here. See "If you need help paying for rent" below for more details on the process. You cannot be evicted while you wait for a decision on your rental assistance application.

If you need help paying your rent or mortgage:

  • If you are experiencing difficulty with the application for RAFT, call 2-1-1 any day, any time.

  • Currently, you cannot access RAFT for past-due rent unless your landlord has served you with a 'Notice to Quit' or has begun eviction proceedings in court. 

If you need to enter a family homeless shelter:

  • Apply for shelter by calling (866) 584-0653 - call every day starting at 8am until you get a response.

  • Eligibility: families w/ child(ren) under 21 OR pregnant, income no higher than 115% of the Federal Poverty Level.

  • Unfortunately, you may be placed on a waiting list. If this happens, ask to be placed in a "temporary overflow shelter."

  • When you apply for shelter, ask about HomeBASE (an alternative to shelter, see next section).

If you are in a family shelter and want your own apartment:

  • HomeBASE is an alternative to shelter that provides up to $10,000 in rental assistance. This can be used to avoid entering shelter, or to leave a shelter.

  • Apply for HomeBASE through your shelter.

If you need help paying utility bills:

  • You can also get help paying your utilities arrears through the RAFT rental payment assistance program (whether or not you are looking for help paying rent) - click here to apply for RAFT.

Other resources:

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