One Family welcomes volunteers from among our supporters. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a few ways that you can help to support our work to prevent family homelessness through virtual volunteering with our One Family Scholars and Credential to Career Coaching programs. Among them: 

•    Reviewing resumes of One Family Scholars who are about to begin a job search
•    Conducting
mock interviews with One Family Scholars and C2C participants

Scroll down to learn more about our volunteer opportunities!

Resume Reviews

Why This Is Important:

As One Family Scholars approach graduation and begin applying for jobs to support their families, a professional resume is key. Volunteer resume reviewers can be of enormous help as Scholars curate their resumes for specific positions and fields, and work to stand out to prospective employers.

How It Works: 

Via email, One Family will send you one or more resumes to review and make suggestions for improvement. You can expect that the resume has already been edited by a One Family coach, but also that your insight will help position a Scholar for success, as we try to match volunteers with Scholars studying in their field.  It typically takes about an hour to review a resume and provide helpful feedback, and you will have at least 2 weeks to provide feedback.


Mock Interviews

Why This Is Important:

Many parents served in the One Family Scholars program and Credential to Career Coaching have limited experience interviewing, which makes securing a job more challenging.  Even those who do have experience interviewing may never have participated in a virtual interview, which is now more prevalent during this time of social distancing. Practice makes perfect, and a mock interview is the best way for the parents we serve to become comfortable answering questions about themselves and their backgrounds.

How It Works: 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, mock interviews can be conducted by phone or by Zoom/Google Hangouts. Each interview session takes about an hour: the first half for the interview and the second to provide feedback. One Family will provide you with a set of general questions, but we are also happy to have you include your own industry-specific questions. We try, whenever possible, to match interviewers with people interested in entering their field. We hope you will give both “warm” (what they did well) and “cool” (what they can improve upon) feedback.


Become a Volunteer

To express interest in volunteering, please reach out to Zoey Bergstrom at zbergstrom@onefamilyinc.org

Volunteer opportunities occur throughout the academic year. By expressing interest in volunteering, you are indicating that you are willing to be contacted by a One Family staff member during this academic year to work with a specific Scholar or C2C participant. Once contacted by One Family, you have the choice to follow through based on your schedule.

We are grateful for your interest and support!

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