RAFT, ERMA, & ERAP housing programs

RAFT, ERMA, & ERAP are housing assistance programs for families with income up to 80% of the area median income who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless due to a significant reduction of income or increased expenses.

When tenants apply for rental assistance through their regional housing agency, they will automatically be considered for ERAP, RAFT and ERMA.

Eligible families may receive up to $10,000 from RAFT/ERMA in a 12-month period to pay for housing and housing-related expenses. See the link for more info.

ERAP is more generous than RAFT/ERMA. It covers up to 12-15 months of rent arrears + up to $1,500 for utilities arrears.

Apply for rental assistance here: https://hedfuel.azurewebsites.net/raa.aspx

For add’l info about ERAP, RAFT & ERMA: https://www.mass.gov/info-details/emergency-housing-assistance-during-covid-19



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