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Credential to Career Coaching

About the Program

Credential to Career (C2C) is a free 12 week program that helps parents identify a pathway to a career that pays a family-sustaining wage. During our program we will help you:

  • Explore different career options that match your skills, experiences and interests
  • Determine what credential you need to enter your career
  • Create a plan to achieve your goals

We are not affiliated with any particular employer or institution so we can help you explore a number of different job sectors or training and education options. We are supportive of your individual needs and goals whether they be to go to college or join an apprenticeship program.

The Credential to Career program combines weekly two-hour group workshops with individual coaching sessions. At the end of 12 weeks youíll have a detailed, personal plan of action to achieve your goals!

We currently offer Credential to Career Coaching in the MetroWest region but will expand to other communities in the coming years. Check back here for more details or e-mail

C2C Participants Will:

  • Identify a career that matches your skills and interests and pays enough to support your family
  • Figure out what training or education you need for your chosen career
  • Research and compare different types of training programs and schools
  • Create a budget and financial plan
  • Create an actionable plan to help you successfully achieve your goals
  • Receive a small financial stipend

To Learn More, Contact:

Erin Lotridge, C2C Coach
617-423-0504 ex. 8

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can join the program?

To be eligible for C2C, participants must:

  • Be a parent or guardian of a child under the age of 26
  • Have a household income below 200% of the Federal Poverty Line
  • Attend an Information Session prior to enrolling
  • Be willing and able to attend workshops and coaching sessions in the Metrowest region of Massachusetts

Q: Do participants receive college credit for this program?

C2C does not give college credit to participants. We are not affiliated with any colleges or universities. We will help participants make a plan to enroll in college if that makes sense for them, but we do not provide college credit ourselves.

Q: Is this a job placement service?

No, we are not a job placement service. Instead of focusing on getting participants a job right now, our goal is to help them create a pathway to long-term career success that pays a family-sustaining wage.

Q: Does everyone in this program have to go to college?

Not at all! Many of our participants plan to enroll in college at the end of the program, but many do not. We work with participants to enroll in apprenticeships, non-credit programs, and on-the-job trainings.

Q: Does everyone in the program go into the same career (or same set of careers)?

No! We work with participants to identify the best career for them based on their interests, their skills, and their experiences. We have had people pursue everything from plumbing to engineering to the health sciences.

Q: Is this a resume writing workshop?

No, it is much more than that. We will certainly help participants with their resumes, but our main goal is making a long term plan that allows participants to enter careers that can support their families.

Q: Will there be childcare provided?

While we are not able to provide childcare at this time, we do provide participants with a small financial stipend to help offset the costs of childcare and transportation to the sessions. Additionally, if a child is an infant not yet able to walk, participants are certainly welcome to bring the child to the sessions and keep the child with them. And if participants have teenagers who want to come with them and work on their homework during the session, thatís okay with us!

Q: I see that itís currently offered in the MetroWest region. Do participants need to live in the MetroWest area to participate?

Participants do not have to live in the MetroWest area to be a part of the program, but they do have to be willing- and able to travel to the area, as that is where our sessions will be held.

Q: Where and when are sessions held?

The timing and location of each 12 week session changes. For the latest information about dates and times please e-mail Erin Lotridge at or call 617-423-0504, extension 8.

Q: Do participants have to attend every workshop?

We ask that participants make every effort to come to each workshop and coaching session. We cover a lot at every meeting, and if a participant misses a session, they will miss some important information.

Q: Do participants need to be a citizen or green card holder before enrolling?

Participants do not need to be a citizen or green card holder to be in our program, but they do need to be legally eligible to work in the United States. (Unfortunately immigration assistance is out of our realm of expertise, but click here for some law firms that might be able to help).

Q: What if a participant cannot pass a CORI check? Does that make them ineligible?

No, they are still eligible. Participants are welcome in the program regardless of their CORI results. However we will ask about CORIís during coaching to ensure that the participant is exploring appropriate careers that are attainable with a CORI record.

Q: Do participants have to be fluent in English before enrolling?

Participants do not have to be fluent in English to participate in our program, but the sessions are conducted in English, so it is best if they have at least a conversational level of understanding.

Q: Do participants need a GED/HiSET/high school diploma before enrolling?

No, participants do not need to have a GED/HiSET/high school diploma to be in our program. If a participant does not have a high school credential yet, we will work with them to make a plan on how to get it.

Q: If someone already has a college degree, can they still participate?

Yes. If a participant already has a degree but is looking to change careers or figure out how to take their current career to the next level, they are eligible to participate.

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