New Lease for Homeless Families

New Lease for Homeless Families

A Clearinghouse of Affordable Units

For Families Staying in State-Funded Shelters and Motels




The Commonwealth faces a crisis.   Across the state, over 2,000 families are living in shelters and over 1,700 families are staying in motels and hotels.  The state is spending over $40 million a year to house families in motels and hotels.  The Patrick administration is developing a plan to dramatically reduce the number of homeless families. The community of affordable housing owners needs to be part of the solution.


With thousands of housing units across the state, affordable housing owners have a critical asset that can be tapped.  Their affordable housing units paired with housing support services can end homelessness for many of the Commonwealth’s families.


A group of affordable housing owners has come together to offer between 10% to 15% of their vacant units per year to families coming out of motels, hotels and shelters.  The initial goal is to offer 200 or more units per year for two years for a total of 400 or more units.


The owners are creating a new not-for-profit organization called New Lease for Homeless Families (New Lease) that will connect the units to homeless families and partner with DHCD and non-profit service providers to support the families as they transition to permanent housing.  With New Lease in place, there will be a structure to connect homeless families to affordable housing units over time.


Click here to learn more about the New Lease program.

Click here to access the New Lease Executive Director job posting.

Click here to access the New Lease Housing Support Services Director job posting.

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